Friday, June 11, 2010

You Seek up an Emotion and your cup is overflowing.

Ah sweet emotions, not the Aerosmith song, but those tiny little or sometimes great big things that throw us into a tailspin more than we would like them too. People always say, dont make a decision while your emotional. But isnt that exactly what everyone does?? LOL.

From the time we are small, we are told a variety of different things. "Don't cry, cry, don't show your emotions, your weak if you do... etc,etc, Well I say, forget all that... Scream from the rooftops, roll around on the ground and let it all hang out.
You see the worst thing we can do, is to bottle it up.

I have been told by more than one person, that I am an "emotionally packed person". Now the 5 of you that are laughing... knock it off. Me? emotional.. Never. Okay, are you done laughing. Actually, go ahead laugh, because it is funny. The interesting thing about me, is that its raw emotion. Now that being said, that can get me into trouble sometimes.

Not in the literal sense, but if I dont keep it in check, I end up doing more damage to myself than anyone else.

these days I tend to think of myself as an onion, "You gotta peel me back layer by layer." ( thank you Sandra Bullock from the blindside) So are emotions a good thing, or a bad thing....and how do we really take control and not let our emotions control us.

the answer you come up with, may actually surprise you.....

I will speak again with you soon.

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