Friday, August 22, 2008

Odd at first, but overcome with happiness...

There he was in a blue crisp clean uniform, with a smile on his face. A little stiff in responding to our hugs, but I understood why. Public Dispalys of Affection. He was so happy to see us, as we were happy to see him. It took a little while for it to start to sink in that here was a MAN, still a boy in some ways and in some ways not.
You could tell he was so proud of his accomplishments, so full of pride, and finally happy. He talked...alot. But we were so eager to hear all of the stories he had to tell us. He never once answered with Fine! Sure! Yeah!. I didnt sense a drop of old attitude in him, only a new BOO YA kick ass, I'm an airman now attitude.

He had grown up! and this fact would inevitably take a few more days to sink in. I think that part of me is still trying to wrap my head around it all. He was nick, but so different.

I think he spent more time with his baby sister in the 4 days we were there then he had in the whole time she has been on the planet. He said to he "Im sorry I wont be there for your birthday baby girl, but I will send you a present". I almost burst into tears when I heard this. She was so happy to be getting the attention she was getting from her big brother.

be back in a few.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So where exactly do I begin.........

Well 6 weeks ago I watched my child, my firstborn my get onto a white bus and head off to Denver to depart for Lackland AFB, in San Antonio Texas to begin Air Force basic training. Little did I realize at the time that this was going to be the biggest test we both would have to face.
You know when they come into this world, there is nothing like their sweet angelic faces, and I think that we all make ourselves those promises to do the best we can and make as few mistakes as possible.
One of the things that I wrote in a letter to my son when he left was "I MAY NOT HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN IT RIGHT IN THE BEGINNING, BUT I DO BELIEVE THAT I GOT IT "SPOT ON" IN THE END.

So for 6 weeks it has been an emotional rollercoaster, he had a rough time in the beginning, and I worried about him making it thru. Did he have what it took? Was he going to be okay? I knew in my heart that he would, and I leaned way into my faith in God, that he was in control of the situation and would take care of my Nick. I prayed faithfully everyday, and marked each day off on the calender. Counting down the days until our trip to San Antonio, both excited and scared to see the MAN that the Air Force was giving back to me.

God was faithful, as was I in my prayers, and oh how the power of prayer was evident to me, when the announcer at the coin ceremony said "your airmen are released to your visitors" I ran thru a sea of blue, knowing the general area my son was in, to find myself standing in front, of the child I has brought into the world 18 years ago.............

more in the next post.........