Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The sweet sounds and smells of the Summer of 2010

So as I sit here, part of me is sad that the summer is coming to a close. Those lazy days, and late nights are all drifting away as the clock ticks down and the sun begins to set. How I will miss sleeping in and spending my days by the pool, watching my kids laugh and play.
We really did a lot this year, our vacation most certianly was the highlight of the summer.

It was also a summer of worry as Air Force Puppy was in the sand box, for 3 months.
As the summer comes to an end, so does his tour, we are thankful to be getting him home safe and sound.

As school begins again, its time to be more focused, more organized, and not so lazy as we have all become way to accustomed to lately. But oh the memories we have not only in pictures but in the little things, to carry us thru till next summer.
Memories of the beach, and sea world, and a really cool mini van that took us on our 10 day journey.

Memories of lunches and chinese food, and lots of ice cream at rizutos. While part of me is sad, I am happy that it is coming to a close.

Most of all, the laughter, the joy, and sometimes the tears made this summer a memorable one, movies and popcorn and the park and a ton of things that we did TOGETHER!!!!!

I look back at the last bastion of the summer of 2010 approaches and I am at peace, content, and thankful that Jesus has blessed this family in more ways than I can count.

I guess you could call me one of the lucky ones!!!!

till we talk again......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Once again..I find myself in that old familiar place.

Once again I find myself, cornered by my old friends, self doubt, fear, and their good buddy insecurity. The three musketeers have drawn their swords upon me again...I fear that this may be a deadly combination, and may permanently scar me for life. Or perhaps kill my soul!!!
I have set my self to a particular challenge, one that will remain nameless for now, and tonight some things that need to be reworked became painfully evident to me.
So my three buddies, whispered in my ear the rest of the evening, throwing every no good reason to just give up the desire to accomplish what it is I have set myself too.
All I can think is how incredibly weak I am, but part of me will not let go of the desire to succeed and not to fail.
Failure, oh my sweet love, we have danced quite often in the last year, and we are most definately no longer strange bedfellows...
It is you I fear the most, and yet writing this blog, lifts some of weight of the attack of the three musketeers.
My heart tell me to stay strong, stay focused, and press forward, been here before, just for a different reason.
I am hoping that when I close my eyes tonight for what will hopefully be a peaceful sleep, a freedom, that surely will not end up that way...
that my 3 friends will be gone in the morning, and I will awake with a new plan of attack to achieve my current desire...
who knows what the sunrise will bring???????

Monday, August 2, 2010

Anaheim, or did I really think two amusement parks back to back was a good idea?

Next stop, Mickey's House, decided on the trip after a few suggestions to do Knotts Berry Farm!! what a thrill to spend what ended up being an extremely stress free day. Highlight of the day, Arianna rode her first rollercoaster. The sidewinder, the highlight of mine? Listening to her scream in shear terror the whole time. I couldn't stop laughing.
The pitch was so high she probably could have broken glass. I am so not kidding. The result? She rode it 5 more times, (no lines) LOL.
Dante did some brave things too, but we sure did have fun. We paused for the cause to have a little dinner at PINKS the world famous hotdog place. YUMMY!!!!
It was a day filled with fun, drama, laughter and tons of junkfood. The memories were priceless, Dante rode the log flume for the first time, and the final drop hill, well let me just say they take a picture and the look on his face, priceless. Bought that picture up in a heartbeat, By the time we got back to the car, it was dark, and everyone was bushed. Visions of mickeys house and cotton candy lingered on the kids as they drifted off into a welcomed sleep.
Talk about bushed! NOT THEM, ME!!!!
we tucked them into their bed at the hotel, and poured ourselves into ours, dreading that early morning alarm....
until tomorrow!!!