Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cruising down the California Coast!

Our Journey continues to trek us towards Santa Barbara and we find a quaint little in 2 miles away from a Danish town named Solvang. Andersons Pea Soup Inn was a quaint little inn, with a great pool and yummy danish in the morning. Which we discovered came from the bakery in the town. After a nights rest, and a dip in the pool and hot tub, we make our way to Slovang. A danish town, famous for its pancake balls, and pasteries. We park and walk thru the town, stopping to admire the little shops, some of which there were rude shop keepers. Really its true....
After a couple of hours and a few pancake balls and russian tea cookies we are headed for Santa Barbara.
A beautiful beach town, and a gorgeous pier to walk out on. We park and trek our way up the beach to the pier for a look around. We decide to take a water taxi, named Little Toot, which of course brought a ton of giggles from the kids. An inexpensive ride to the other side of the harbor.
The best part was the kids got to drive the boat! See pics below. Then we took the 25 cent electric trolly car back to where we started. Got in the car and enjoyed more of the coast on our way to Anaheim.........

I left my heart in San Fran, or was it my kids?

It was late in the evening as we approached the San Francisco Bay Bridge, oh the lights of the city. It reminded me of NYC and Time Square. I felt like a little kid as I watched the twinkle of the city lights and huge tall buildings. The next day we ventured to Pier 39, for a fun filled day of lobster hats, bubba gumps, salt water taffy, sea lions, and "The rock".
The kids had a good time and Jim and I enjoyed their smiles, and wonderfully innocent faces as they marveled at what they were seeing, tasting and enjoying. We went to lombard street, golden gate park, and of course the golden gate bridge. We left San Fran and and headed for a drive thru wine country.
Then it was on the road to our next destination. Truly a memory filled day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 2, or what the heck is up with Rest Stop Signs?

Day 2, and I just had to take a picture of the sign! We stopped at this rest stop where an Indian family was selling hand made jewelry, they were making them right there. My dear husband bought me an anklet! I am quite refreshed and ready to hit the road. The Starbucks VIA is hot, and tastes great. This instant coffee rocks BTW! The music is playing, the tunes are cranked and we are headed West.

One funny thing that happened is at breakfast yesterday, I said to Arianna, "I told you to leave the drama in Colorado." She replied, "I did, this is Utah drama." Well what more can you say to that.!!!!

Aside from the horrible scenery, Nevada really doesn't have any other redeeming qualities other than casinos every where you turn, It was a nice ride. The closer we got to the west coast, the more excited I became. We stopped in Reno and Jim jumped out and ran into one of the casinos to "gamble" while the kids and I circled the block in the van 8 times... LOL!!!

Now at least he can say he "gambled in Reno". Too funny!! The kids were impatient and can you blame them!!!!!
We discovered we had a satelite radio in the car, pretty much commercial free radio. So Jim and I took a tour of the 70's 80's and 90's. It was a walk down memory lane, from rapping along with coolio in gangstas paradise, to "rump shaker", and even all the way back to "mellow yellow".

I asked Jim, if he could go back and change just one thing, what would it be? he said he wouldn't have listened to his parents and went ahead and pursued his degree in musical engineering. They told him, there was no future in it.
He followed it up with, "that's why I am going to tell my kids they can do and be anything they want to be.".....


Maybe this isn't just a journey for me........

Blessings, until we talk again.

Holiday Road

So we have commenced on the Fiducia Family vacation! After driving the first day until 3am, we stopped in Salt Lake City Utah, got up had breakfast and headed out again. The car trip was filled with music, laughter, a lot of "both of you stop it right now," I am always amazed at kids who can sleep sitting up in car seats. You must lose that ability as you get older.
As I drove, music from the past played on the radio, a barrage of 80's hits, taking me back to my youth, and once again stirring up inside me, those questions that I have been asking myself over the last month.
As "stuck on you" by Lionel Richie played, I was taken all the way back to 19 and my first "real" true love, with short dark hair,and dark eyes. I will call him "Tony",because if he ever reads this he will know who he is. Tony was my first love, true love,although at 19 I knew nothing. This would ring so very true for me just a few short years later. So back to tony, I guess he likes Lionel Richie, because the other song from him to me was "say you,say me." Those were the days, or were they?
So lets just call this trip what it is, A journey. Maybe not to Italy, or Bali, but none the less a journey.
I marvel once again in that pure love, the love I see not only in the eyes of my husband, but in my children's as well.
The only thing missing is nick, all grown up and seeing the world, well at least one part of it right now. I say a short prayer for his safety, as well as that of my family and our van as we are "rockin down the highway."
I pause to thank God once again, for his abundant blessings,and for saving me.
For without him, NONE of this would be possible.......
What will tomorrow bring on day 2?
Until then.................

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day at the park, with a small ounce of reflection

I know that its bee a few days since I blogged and this blog is probably going to be a littlw longer than originally anticipated. The last couple of days have been somber ones, been feeling some of that old self doubt and anxiety creeping in here or there. I realize that I need to get super serious about my weight. Mostly because I am feeling uncomfortable in my skin again and thats always a bad sign. We won the video contest at church and what fun it was to win a new flip video camera/ultra hd. this little thing take some unbelievable video.
So back to that small ounce of reflection, I have had a few conversations with my oldest child, affectionately known as Air Force Puppy. I came to the realization that even though he is 20, that I am doing and saying and giving advice, perhaps functioning in the role that I did when he was 15 thru the age of 17. Only now is he listening and maybe even taking the advice, That he never allowed in, much less listened to back then.
Its nice to finally see that as a mom, you may actually know what you are talking about and he can benifit from my years of experience and wisdom. (that sounded good didnt it, LOL). Pausing to take pics of the kids, and enjoy the absolute pure joy in their faces and smiles. What could be better? ( dont answer that, LOL)

Okay where was I, reflection. I find that I have begun to reflect on a lot of things these days. Some good, some bad, some ugly. For the most part I have decided that reflection is good. The bad part of it is that it certianly does show me, what I was missing, what I have done wrong, and what I can do better.
How much time do we take to do this very thing?
I have spent some time looking back at the very thing that probably caused all the problems that came later in life. My mother, God rest her soul, I am sure she meant well, but I hate to say that she really did suck at alot of things.
I also discovered one of the ugly roots of my problems is insecurity, and I have said before thats a whole nuther post, or probably a chapter in my book.
The sun is warm, and the wind is blowing, in the distance I can hear those familiar words, "mom, momma, look at me." I glance over at the play scape they are playing on and hold my breath for a second, while my youngest is hanging in way that could cause a skull fracture.

"Be careful" I say that alot these days........

I guess it might be time to wrap it up for now, I am thinking slushes at sonic for the kids, as a final treat to end our day together.
Looking forward to vacation, it wil be here before we know it... that will be a blog to follow for sure....
I will be back soon.....

Where has the Hope gone?

I had another blog post that I haven't finished yet, but felt compelled to write this one. Yesterday a woman jumped from a bridge over I-25 and was hit by a bus and died. Now not to be a downer, but it really got me thinking. Where did her hope go? what is happening in the world today? and more importantly how do I protect my children from ever feeling like ending their life is the only way to end the pain.
My heart just ached over this, because when I had no hope, my hope was renewed by Jesus. Giving my life over to Christ gave me knew hope, and as I began to grow in my faith, I realized that all things were possible thru him.
I know that there may be some of you that are thinking, "well religion may have been the answer for you, but its just not for me." well I am here to tell you that religion is the only answer. and yes that is just my opinion, but in the three years I have been a christian, my life has been a testimony to the power of prayer.
I am also not here to judge anyone, nor would I ever, I am just merely telling my story, because my story, could be your story, or anyones story for that matter.
But lets drift back over to the whole point of this particular blog. HOPE.
I wonder if this woman had no where to turn and no one to talk to, how did she get to the point she ended her life with?
Depression is a mighty powerful thing, powerful enough to cloud your judgment, make you do and say things you never thought you would ever find yourself saying. You see I have walked the path of depression, right out there to the very edge, I leaned over and peered into the abyss below.
I was lucky enough to have been strong enough to pull myself back from the edge. Some are not that lucky.
There are so many things going on in the world today, a bad economy, no money, bills upon bills, loss of jobs... not alot to be hopeful for. You see I believe that there is hope, hope for a better life, future, the love of all my kids.
I guess the whole point of this post is just to let ya know, that there is always hope, no matter how bad things get.
Think about it friends, what is it that gives you hope? Gets you up in the morning, helps you thru the day.
Many thoughts and blessings for all of you, hug your kids a little tighter, tell someone you love them today..
Life is just too short....too short
Until we talk again