Monday, July 19, 2010

Holiday Road

So we have commenced on the Fiducia Family vacation! After driving the first day until 3am, we stopped in Salt Lake City Utah, got up had breakfast and headed out again. The car trip was filled with music, laughter, a lot of "both of you stop it right now," I am always amazed at kids who can sleep sitting up in car seats. You must lose that ability as you get older.
As I drove, music from the past played on the radio, a barrage of 80's hits, taking me back to my youth, and once again stirring up inside me, those questions that I have been asking myself over the last month.
As "stuck on you" by Lionel Richie played, I was taken all the way back to 19 and my first "real" true love, with short dark hair,and dark eyes. I will call him "Tony",because if he ever reads this he will know who he is. Tony was my first love, true love,although at 19 I knew nothing. This would ring so very true for me just a few short years later. So back to tony, I guess he likes Lionel Richie, because the other song from him to me was "say you,say me." Those were the days, or were they?
So lets just call this trip what it is, A journey. Maybe not to Italy, or Bali, but none the less a journey.
I marvel once again in that pure love, the love I see not only in the eyes of my husband, but in my children's as well.
The only thing missing is nick, all grown up and seeing the world, well at least one part of it right now. I say a short prayer for his safety, as well as that of my family and our van as we are "rockin down the highway."
I pause to thank God once again, for his abundant blessings,and for saving me.
For without him, NONE of this would be possible.......
What will tomorrow bring on day 2?
Until then.................

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