Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny the Way it is...

I had a converstion with my sister on the phone the other day, and I was telling her about my new thought process, my "enlightenement" so to speak. We had been talking for about 30 minutes and she said can I ask you a question? "Did a doctor tell you somthing and you just dont want to tell me?"
I laughed harder than I had laughed in a long time, and said, "No, Im not dying, but trust me, if I was, I would be planning a trip to Italy and not to the west coast."
It made me think though, it really was a good point...No I wasnt dying, what my plan is, is to start LIVING!!!
Fuller and more than I have ever done up to this point. You see the question is not WHY? but WHY NOT? I take great comfort in knowing that there is so much more out there that I havent done...and that the things that I thought defined me, really didnt at all.
That there really is some true purpose and true meaning to why I was put on this planet.
It also brings to mind a quote by an author named Leo Buscaglia. He says, "Live each day,as if it were your last, cuz you know what, one of these days, your gonna be right."
food for thought friends, food for thought...... until next time

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Thumper said...

Great blog Denise. This is how we should all strive to live, and how I believe god would encourage us. The main thing that keeps each of us at bay and ripped away from what may is fear. Fear and anxiety can diminish one's soul while completely mutilate ones true self. Seeing the path is great, walking the path takes courage. Love in Christ. Loren