Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Today I was at Wal-Mart, needed some painting items, cuz we are painting the dining room over before the new wood floor goes in next month. I was in line at the check out and a couple walked up behind me with a big bag of dog food and that was it. I turned and told them they could go in front of me, because I had a few items in my basket and I didnt want them to wait.

Well you should have seen the looks on their faces! It was a kodak moment, the husband mumbles somthing like "are u sure"? and "I will make this a painless as possible"? I smiled and replied, "No worries" go ahead. When they were done checking out they both turned to me and said "Thank you so very very much." I replied with "Sure, enjoy the rest of your sunday."

After they walked off, I thought about it, and realized that this was the same reaction I had gotten when I had done this before. Are random acts of kindness, really that random?

Is it really that difficult for someone to let other go in front of them in the grocery line?

Is it just me who does things like this or do ya'll do it occasionaly also.
What if every person did one random act of kindess a day? Wishful thinking?
Is it? Maybe...

But I'll bet the world would be a happier place or at least someones day would be a little brighter, if we all just stopped for 10 seconds and thought about it.

Have I got u thinking now?

as always, until we meet again.....


Connie said...

I do it too, regularly. Letting somebody go ahead of me at the store is one of the easiest! :) It especially feels good to do this when you can tell somebody is in a rush. Hubby and I still buy a soldier's lunch when we dine out... even if he/she happens to be in the car behind us at a drive through.

Daniel said...

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