Friday, August 31, 2007

The Last Few Days...

Things have been holding their own, for the last 48 hours, although it seems like the surprises just never end. I have been fairly sick over the last couple of days, today was byfar much better than it has been. My mind goes a million miles an hour these days. I still continue to pray each day and ask GOD to bless this family, and guide me along this rocky path, that I apparently am on right now.

I find so much comfort and an overwhelming peace in the eyes of my kids and that of my DH. I love to hear them laugh, love to watch them play and love to listen to all that they have to say. It is what carries me through each and every hour of the day. Things will get better, I am sure of that. Some things have been lost along the way, and I have been told I am all about excuses...I am so very tired of the word bitch, "let he who casts the first stone" You see,I believe that life is not an excuse, and love and trust and understanding are supposed to be unconditional. Thats what the good book tells us.

So I will press on forward, Robert Frost once said that "ALL I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE I CAN SUM UP IN THREE WORDS: IT GOES ON............"

And so it goes, round and round, the merry go round of life.....Personally I prefer the rollercoaster.......with my hands high up in the air......

Until later

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