Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock....

So here I sit on Thursday morning drinking a cup of coffee and trying to gather my thoughts and plans to get things ready. I am trying to forsee the amount of stress that is about to be dropped on me. Balance, Time manage, all key words in the ability to succeed at the task at hand.
I am a stresser, when it comes to certian things, (there are at least 5 of you who collectively cracked up laughing at that statement.) I can hear it, "ummmmmmm, ya think Denise, you stress, NEVER!
So I will wait.....................everyone done? LOL

Okay so I stress, alot. I thought that one way to help me theraputically in my quest was to blog...So I have decided to blog the entire experience. Then you all can stress with me. I love to write and one way to deal with the ups and downs I will be going thru is to write.

I have given the blog a makeover, and off we go. 9 months is so short of a time, and yet right now seems so far away. I dont want to say its a cross to bear, but I keep getting the illustration that Beth Moore used. "It's right there in front of you, but you dont know where the path leads or what is on it, unitl you pick up the cross in front of you."

I am excited, scared and a ball of emotions all wrapped into one. I hope that my family will understand what is going on, and why "mommy is gone so much". I guess its a small price for them to pay, because in the long run when I graduate an RN and go back to work, they will benefit in way that they never imagined.

OSAN: Arianna just got up and already she is fighting with Dante.. Pausing to take deep cleansing breaths..... :)

So off I go, into the darkness, come along for the ride, its gonna be a bumpy one and one full of excitment, but it will be worth it in the end....(at least for me I hope)

Blessings my friends, we will talk again soon.

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