Monday, August 17, 2009

The Last Bastion of Summer

As I sit here on this chilly monday morning with my 2nd cup of coffee, I am reflecting on the summer and where exactly it went. It sure did go by quick, and while I am somewhat sad that it is over, I am also happy. Wednesday I start my fall semester, and the kids go back to school, and while a juggler was a profession I never wanted to try. I guess I will do anything once.
I have God to thank for his abundant blessings in all areas of my life. He has blessed this family 10x infinity, and while I sit and watch the birds hunt and eat up worms in the back yard, I am comforted.
The change in the season brings excitement and fear all packaged up and tied with a pretty bow. And the quest continues, I am thankful for many things today, you my friends being one of them....
Blessings as always and we will talk again soon.

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