Monday, October 27, 2008

Simply Pure Heaven

You know its so funny sometimes, you think that when they turn 18, they go off and join the military, tackling manhood with all the energy of the 3 year old that you take care of daily. You think that your job may be done, in some small way. But the truth is, your job really is never done. My phone rang at 4:45 am this morning, and it was my son. He was putting on his Class A's and getting ready for flag detail. I was half awake, but he took the time to pick up the phone, because he just wanted to chat with me.
There is no way to describe what that feels like. Yesterday he surprised me on the computer, with a web cam chat that he paid for, we couldnt hear each other, but what pure bliss it was to see him smile and see him laugh, when I typed somthing silly or stupid.
This child, that 2 years ago, I thought I had lost all contact with, that we would never have any type of relationship ever, has suddenly been reborn. God gave me back my son, and I so cherish each and every day that passes. We are going to see him at christmas and our plan is to throw a big christmas open house for everyone to come and see him.
We are first and foremost moms, no matter how much we think the apron strings need to be cut, even when we cut them, they are attached to us in so many other ways.
I am so proud to be his mother, he even asked if I could come to his tech school graduation. I am going to start now to raise the money to take the trip, I am hoping it will be possible.

anyway..thats all for now.

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