Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its Been A While!!!

It has been a while since I have posted, my surgery went very well and I am pretty much recovered at this point. Things have seemed to settle down for the moment, but knock on wood, we shall see. I have done alot of growing here lately. I turned 41 on September 29th and have decided that the time is now to change both my weight and some of my outlook.

God has certianly worked to change so many things about me and in my life, and it is a breath of fresh air. We have become more involved in the church and I believe that God has both a plan for me, and for this family. I thank him everyday for the things that he blesses me with. I take nothing, nothing at all for granted. I truly am blessed beyond anything that I have ever ever known before in my life.

I find strength in places I have never know that I had it. I am optomistic that the peace and calm that I am feeling, is a good thing right now.

Thats all for now......

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