Monday, September 27, 2010

Leaving your comfort Zone

Have you ever wanted to do something, I mean really do something that you never thought you would have the guts to even try? Well yesterday I did exactly that, I left my comfort zone and did something I didn't ever think I would have the guts,much less the courage to even try.
I went to womens roller derby tryouts! Yep, you read that right, roller derby! Somthing that I have always wanted to do, but never did and now at almost 44 in two days, what was I thinking.
It was brutal, and today I hurt. But I learned something about myself, and I guess thats what people say about everything we experience in life being about. I learned that no matter how fearful I am, how much I want to give up, or how much confidence in myself I lack, that all of those things can be overcome.
Yesterday I may not have been the strongest skater, I may have been experienceing the worst shin pain I have ever felt in my life, but I kept picking myself back up, and doing it again.
I realized that aside from being more physically fit, losing more weight, and really focusing in on core strength, that the "CORE STRENGTH" is not just muscular.
The true core, deep inside you, where you hide from all of the negativity we throw on ourselves daily, has the power to do it all....
Was I disappointed?, HELL YES!!! Did I cry? Of course....
But I went there and I tried, even though I didnt make it this time, (march is the next try out.)
I am a winner anyway, because I had the GUTS!!! to even walk thru the door and attempt it....
and that my friends is one hell of a good feeling!!!!!
until we talk again


Connie Gallion said...

way to go girlfriend!! you'll be ready in march! ;)

Lynn Nordland said...

I just read your blog and CONGRATULATIONS for even trying out. Whenever we push ourselves into something out of our comfort level we gain valuable inner strength. Way to go!!!

Lynn Nordland said...

OOOH - also - if I win, I like my youngest daughters name (Natalie) and birthday on it. 11/16/98 Thanks