Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prayers answered, and what a year 2008 has been

It has been one heck of a year, and as I sit here this morning as another chapter is closed in this book of life, I am thankful, blessed beyond words and most of all grateful. God has shown me time and time again, that if I believe, and I hand it over to him he WILL take care of it. I have seen many prayers, too many to count answered.

2008 brought a high school graduation, kindergarten graduation, pre-school starting. It took a boy into the United States Military and made him the man I have seen over this last 2 weeks of christmas break. I am again humbled and thankful that God took care of my son. 2008 also brought financial difficulties that were very stressful and scary at times for this family. But once again, I trusted in God, I gave my tithes at church when I was able, and sometimes it was only a few bucks.

But God blessed this family 10 fold, I found out in 2008 just how precious, coffee and cottonelle really are. Toilet tissue should never be taken for granted, and appreciated always... you dont know how important they are until you really really need them. But God provided us with the blessings of milk, tp, coffee and food when the cupboards were low.

I cant say enough thank you's for the love that my beautiful church family gave me this entire year...again I am blessed beyond words.

2008 brought new friends and old friends back into our lives. Some came and some went, some choose to stay, and some never really made it back completely. Those friends far and near, blessed this family in ways i could never have imagined. YOU know who YOU are, and you know what you mean to this family. Thanking you for all that you did for us in our time of need, just isnt enough. The "grocery fairy's" are so loved in ways they dont even know.

A special thanks and blessing to my group of "mommas", whose love and support never would have gotten me thru 2008. You all have a special place in my heart and I love you all.

2008 went by so quickly and I am eager to see what 2009 and what God has in store for this family. My children are thriving and blossoming and God is blessing them in ways I could never have imagined also.

There is great power in prayer, hand it all over to God and believe that he will take care of it, and he will. The final big event of 2008 had to be my fathers quadruple bypass. A scary surgery, but God took care of it, and my daddy is doing well.

Nick leaves in 2 days to go back to Lackland, to continue this wonderful journey and to make it even sweeter he is doing it in a brand new car!!! While I am sad to see him go, the last two weeks have been stressful and wonderful and all good. He leaves me with a peace, and the confidence of knowing that he is going to be okay....

And finally 2008 saw my Miami Dolphins win the division championship, what a joy that was...

So looking forward to I write this, I cant seem to get a song we sing in church out of my mind... the chorus goes like this.....

"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! With all creation, I sing, Praise to the King of Kings, you are my eveything, and I will adore you.."

till we talk again, blessings to you and yours for this new year!

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